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“Art-Kamen” sells a self-manufactured decorative facing stone.

“Art-Kamen”company (Kazan) makes and sells the facing stone, which is almost identical to a natural stone in terms of quality and reliability and ideal for decorative finishing of both the outside, and interior surfaces of any buildings and rooms. Many years our self-produced decorative finishing stone pleases our grateful buyers who could realize their dreams in reality.
Our company successfully proves itself in Tatarstan, as well in Russia (and abroad) for many years as the reliable supplier of qualitative products offering the huge range of an artificial stone for every taste.
Our customers are the large international organizations and developers, civil engineering companies, individuals, and also, design bureaus.

On the “Our works” page you can see the facades finishing and interiors examples kindly provided by our customers.

We created the page with photos of objects PRIOR and AFTER the finishing works were done, so you can  easily see how the walls and facades of buildings changes after facing by a decorative stone.

«Art-Kamen» company makes and sells more than 150 models of facing stone, and this finishing material is ideally suitable for interior and exterior design of cafe and restaurants, offices, manors. Durability and longevity of artificial facing stone is the same as a wild natural stone, artificial facing stone also is famous by its reliability and aesthetics. The different shades and reliefs of a facing stone exactly imitating natural stone and allow designers to realize your dreams of a cozy and effective interior of your apartment or restaurant, office or verandah or of an impressive exterior of your manor.

You can buy decorative artificial finishing stone from us or our dealers.  Your drawing room, a verandah or hall reveted by our stone will have the finished and refined view. All reliefs and color schemes of decorative artificial stone by «Art-Kamen» company (Kazan) you can see at the Stone Catalog page.

«Art-Kamen» company also offers polyurethane high-precision molds for decorative stone production of cement or plaster.

Delivery of a decorative stone and molds (to any regions of Russian Federation and) worldwide

Delivery to any address within Russian Federation and abroad. Constantly available stock more than 40000 sq.m Hand made


If you have a desire and decided to buy a decorative facing stone, then contact us, and you will be able to realize your dreams!




A facade stone at super-price

The new unique offer from "Art-Stone" company: decorative finishing stone "Maltese Fort".
High-quality, awesome and exquisite relief for finishing your house at a price of 1,300 rubles per square meter.

Maltese Fort

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