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Art-Stone Company offers manufactured stone products

Art-Stone Company (city of Kazan, Russia) produces and sells manufactured stone siding that is practically identical to natural stone in terms of beauty and reliability and ideal for both exterior and interior finishing. For several years, our company has gladdened our grateful customers who make their dreams come true by means of our products. Art-Stone has successfully proven itself in the Republic of Tatarstan and throughout Russia as well as outside the country as a reliable supplier of high-end product offering a wide range of artificial stone products to everyone's liking. Our clients are private individuals, design studios, construction and civil engineering companies as well as large international organizations and manufacturers.
Art-Stone Company also offers polyurethane high-precision molds for producing cement- or plaster-based manufactured stone.

Delivery across Russia More than 50000 sq. m. in stock Hand made


If you consider buying manufactured stone siding, then contact us and roll out your projects!



НОВИНКА! "Московский кирпич"


Компания "Арт-Камень" предлагает новый рельеф


Очаровательный отделочный камень с ненавязчивой рельефной поверхностью и разнообразными цветовыми решениями  -  "Московский кирпич" 

Широкий выбор цветовой гаммы и универсальность применения гарантируют нашим покупателям удачную покупку. Напоминаем всем нашим посетителям, что в ТК Савиново в нашем новом салоне-магазине можно получить скидку -10% на все виды камня, включая новинки!

Акция продлится до конца апреля 2019 г.


Московский кирпич - НОВИНКА


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8 (843) 253-70-27
8 (843) 249-42-58


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Art-Stone Company
Aktaiskaya st, 21, Kazan 420054,
Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

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