Simple ways of laying ‘bricks’

Stuccoed surface or drywall can acquire exquisite beauty and create a sense of harmony and completeness of image if it is decorated with our manufactured stone.


How is it done? We can recommend some ways to help you make your dream come true: a cozy and eye-catching home. So, how would one mount brick veneers on a stuccoed surface?


The simplest and fastest way of laying brick veneers on a stuccoed surface or drywall

1. Preliminarily, the wall should be primed with Betokontakt primer. Allow it to dry for at least 3 hours at a temperature of 15-25 degrees °C.

2. Depending on a desired joint color, white cement-based glue is applied to the wall surface (this may be white glue Bergauf Mosaik or Ceresit CM 115, etc.) or any gray cement-based glue (UNIS 2000, Bergauf Keramik Pro and so on). It is necessary to apply the glue moving a notched trowel with a tooth height of 5 mm from the bottom upwards.

3. The rows of brick veneer are laid with fixed joint width of 8 - 10 mm. To maintain it even, it is advisable to use a laser level.

4. The stone needs be laid by slightly pressing it into the adhesive layer. White cement-based glue allows you to avoid use of special grouts. It also prevents veneers from sliding down when cladding.

5. After brick veneers are laid, the surface of the joints should be lightly smoothened with a narrow spatula.

Some tips:
- Before beginning to lay brick veneers, open at least three boxes of stone and lay them out on a flat surface. This trick will help you pick the most advantageous combination of shades of stone.
- In order to keep the checkerboard pattern of the layers, start the second row with a half of brick (we recommend that you saw the required amount beforehand).

These guidelines will allow you to refine your house and make it bright and inviting for many years to come.

The simplest and fastest way of laying brick veneers on a stuccoed surface or drywall



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